A major problem affecting the accuracy of Bazi or most astrological methods is the “missing” or inaccurate birth hour reported.
Astrological method like Zi-Wei-Dou-Shu is more birth hour sensitive than Bazi.  An incorrectly reported birth hour will affect the final reading drastically.  Bazi is more day-pillar focused, but sometimes incorrect hour will turn the reading upside-down!
The followings are some approaches to estimate the hour data using client’s (DM):
1.  personality to estimate the hour
2.  birth order
3.  hair-ring on the head
4.  sleeping posture
5.  face shape
6.  length comparisons of certain fingers
7.  year moved, immigrated, major travel, career change

Ken, which method do you use?”

“I plug in the 12 possible Chinese hours into the chart and see which hour fits the life experience of the client better.”

This takes a lot of time!”

“Not really when you use a 4P chart plotting program.  There is one such program that you can use in my website for free.  I can run through 12 possible hours in less than 10 minutes.”

Not everyone can use computer, so the most common approach is doing 3 different charts– one according to the hour reported, one “minus one hour” from the reported hour and one “plus one” hour.

When everything fails, my last resort is pulling out my cell phone.

Call your friend or …….?”

This is my lineage secret.  You have to come to my class to get it.

Ken Lai

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