Yesterday, I accidentally opened a digitally-scanned version of my Feng Shui sifu’s hand-written manuscript that I had received years ago but never read.  The document has less than 70 pages.

The first sentence of first page had this written: ” XXXXXX School Yang Residence Concepts: HEAVEN’S SECRETS: NO TRANSFER TO THE MORALLY DECREPIT” (匪人勿傳  fěi rén wù chuá).

The manuscript lists the XXXXX School version of yin-yang, forms, tai-ji, XKDG, sha neuralizations, sha-fighting, luopan design, water methods and even date-selection with 30% space in diagrams — all in less than 70 pages!  It even specifies which item is top lineage secret and warns about the indiscriminate transfer to the “wrong” people will cut short your blessings or even your life.

In the “Sha-fighting” section, the writer repeatedly warns that about the possible fatality if the sha-fighting is not done right.  The procedures and techniques are very different from those you found in books  or most of the existing courses out there.  My suggestion is:  do not fight sha unless your life is absolutely worthless.  Your life worths more than the possible wealth that sha-fighting generates.

The crown jewel of this school probably is how to convert an inauspicious region into auspicious.  The writer specifically warns, “do not publicize this; only teach to your indoor student ……”

How do you know these so-called “lineage secrets” are for real?

The first thing is to observe your Sifu or teacher– is s/he a righteous or honorable person?   Does s/he do what s/he preaches? How s/he treats people gives you a general idea of how credible s/he is.  But this has no guarantee either if s/he is a charismatic person.

A real secret is like a lighting rod that suddenly illuminates everything– something that make you yell “Ah!” Suddenly everything makes sense after you have “plugged” in the secret.

A not-so-real secret will complicate your mind even more instead of simplifying it.  Real secrets normally are simple and eloquent.

Most contents of this hand-written manuscript were published in books except the critical components or “lineage secrets” are missing.  It costs an arm and leg to become an “indoor student” to get the “real thing”.

“How about share your lineage secrets here?”

Good try! Pal.  My old teacher still needs to make a living out of it.  He has not given me any dead-bed instructions yet. 

The implication is: if any Feng Shui guy or teacher promises making you a millionaire/billionaire without looking at your 4P or astrological chart, you may be better off donate your tuition to charity and collect some positive karma points.   Your meng or fate has more influences on your well-being than Feng Shui.

Ken Lai

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