Xu month  starts and runs till Nov. 16.  Chou year (2009) and xu month already form “semi-3-penalties“.  When it runs into a wei day, the day becomes a “year-breaker” day plus “3-penalties” day– not suitable to make major decision or traveling (susceptible to traffic accident).

The following days are ram days, clashing ox and forming a  “3-penalties day” with xu month–  10/29 (ding-wei day) and 11/10 (ji-wei day).   You better stay home and avoid traveling or doing anything important or making major decision.

The chou-xu-wei combination is especially inauspicious for people with ram, ox and dog animal sign.  Even if you do not have these animal signs, but your spouse palace (day branch) has a wei (ram), chou (ox) or xu (dog), you should be extra careful during this month too.  It is not too late to get the Immortal Lu safe-driving metal talisman or at least you put a protection symbol of your favorite deity or religion into your car.

Ken Lai

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