I have run into a case of a ding-fire day-master (DM) with heart problem. But the client does not know her birth hour. Her current 10-year-luck has just entered into strong water formation. Heart problem normally involves ding-fire.

So naturally I would think she is a weak DM, but plugging in all 12 possible Chinese hours into her chart.  However, only one hour will make her DM strong, all the rest will be weak– 1/12 chance.

I need to find more evidence to prove that she indeed is a strong DM.

How? By asking questions on personality, family relationship and personal preferences. Questions like:
— who makes more decisions– you or your spouse?
— your spouse beats you up or you beat up your spouse?
— what colors do you like?
— do you take your time to do things?

The answers I got match to that of a strong DM. So what I can deduce is that even if water is favorable to a strong Ding day-master, but too much of a good thing still screws her heart up. It is all about yin-yang balance. She is over 70 years old.

Amazingly, I checked the Feng Shui of her house— her bedroom is in NE with 5-9 star (causing heart, blood or eye problems) and annual 2-sickness star is at her main door. In terms of 8-mansions Feng Shui, her room is in “disaster” palace.

This is another case of 4P and Feng Shui synchonize to each other. I’ve used techniques from my Destiny Management courses plus Feng Shui cures for this case. Here are the cures used:

— certain plants
— coins
— white crystal
— removing certain items from her house

Ain’t they green and natural?

Ken Lai

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