A friend told me that he has an eye surgery. Recently I also have problem with my right eye– a big floating particle blurs my vision from time to time.

This friend encourages me to see an eye doctor ASAP. So I called an eye doctor for an appointment. But I can’t get in until 4 weeks later. The doctor is very busy!

Someone has canceled his appointment and I took over this morning. The doctor went through the normal examination like dilating my pupil, checking the cornea and retina… etc. Dr. M found the “floater” inside my eye.

Dr. M is around 60 years old and pretty friendly and casual.

Dr. M found the “floater” inside my eye. Floater is the falling debris inside one’s eye due to the aging of eye tissues.

“You did nothing to create that floater problem. It is simply that you are OLD! Older people have problem like this” The doctor said.

Doctor M is darn honest. This hurts more than me being the culprit!

“Is there any medication to fix this floater problem?”


“Do I need any surgery to get rid of it?”

“Surgery is normally not needed, unless the floater bothers you. It normally disintegrates after a month or two.” The doctor replied.

“I’m into astrology. Do you have more patients this year than the average?” I asked the doctor because I suspect there is correlation between a strong earth year (2009) and eye problems.

“I don’t know. I just keep working everyday in the last few weeks.” Doctor M replied. Age must catches up with her too.

So you think astrology has something to do with eye problems?” She curiously asked.

“Yes, I think strong earth energy cause more eye problems.”

 Well, to keep the story short, Dr. M said that I do not need to see her again unless something happen to my eyes and gave me some free eye-drops sample.

 In terms of 4P, current year ji-chou (earth-ox) is a strong earth year and my own chart has a pair of earth (stem and branch) and fire. The strong earth drains my fire. Fire stands for eyes and heart. So I think if one’s chart has weak fire and strong earth and annual luck brings in more earth, one’s eyes may have problem.

 If a chart has a lot of earth already, the likely health issues will be digestive system and skin fro 2009.

Ken Lai

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