I have only offered these metal talismans to my “Daoist Talismans” class students in the last 4 years. I got reports about that cars were totaled during accidents but the drivers did not suffer any injury with these metal talismans. There are also reports about protection from fire from the home protection talisman. So they are tested to be working pretty well.

I bought these metal talismans from a Daoist temple in Hong Kong. These talismans were put on the altar of the “Celestial Mother of the Stars” (Dou Mu) in a Grand Duke Hall. Dou Mu is the “boss” of the 60 Grand Dukes (Tai Sui). You may see some incense smoke on these talismans if I do not clean them before sending it out. So these talismans have absorbed the prayers and blessings of people and Daoist priests who had prayed to Dou Mou.

What is the big deal with Dou Mu? Most accidents, injuries, sickness and misfortunes are attributed to one’s annual luck pillar (as in 4-Pillars) or current year’s Grand Duke. So if you have something that has the blessing of Grand Duke’s boss or mother, you may be able to get away from the misfortunes (Pal, it is all about relationship! ).

Why metal and not paper talisman? Most paper talismans last only one year. Metal talismans will last forever– your great-great- great grandson can use it even after a few hundred years. All you need to do is “recharging” it once per year with my simple instructions.

These talismans come in 3 versions:
1. Safe-driving talisman (Hexagon shape, 5 cm diameter)
— a must if you have teenager driver
— if your city has too many crazy drivers
— if your animal sign clashes the current Grand Duke

2. Home-protection talisman  (Hexagon shape, 5 cm diameter)
— protects your home from fire, burglary
— compensate for bad Feng Shui

The front side has a portrait of Immortal Lu (one of the 8 Immortals in Daoism). Back side has a powerful talisman. I’ve enclosed a picture of these talismans.

Although these hexagon-shaped talismans are inscribed with specific purpose, you can still take it out and carry with you when you:
— do Feng Shui audits, for spiritual protection
— go to hospitals
— go to funeral home or cemetery
— haunted places

3. Pendant version talisman (Oval shape, 3.4 cm. diameter w/ red neck string)
— the hexagon talisman may be too bulky, this one is easily to carry around
— general protection purposes

All the metal talismans have been benedicted and empowered by Daoist priests.

Here is how to order this talisman:
PRICE: US$30 each    (while supply lasts)
— please specify “safe-driving”,  “home protection” or “pendant
SHIPPING: US$1 (USA); $2 (outside USA)
Email to: kenlai88@yahoo. com
— for instructions on how to make payment

“30” sounds like “guarantee to survive” in Cantonese.

Be prepared!  People with Ram animal sign need one for this year’s Grand Duke.  People with Monkey animal sign will need one for next year.

Too poor to spare $30? No problem– if you had purchased any correspondence course from me in the last few years, you have already gotten a red talisman card with each course. You can stick that card onto your car windscreen or home windows as protection.

Ken Lai

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