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Last summer I become an “accidental owner” of a 3-years old black cat. She weighs 15 pounds with a foot-long fluffy tail. I call her “meow-meow“. The follow link is about how I “got stuck” with meow-meow.

This is not an ordinary feline. She is very gentle– even with bugs! She chases bugs, crickets, and spirders around the house but has never killed any. She gently puts her paw on the bug and feels it and then let it escape. The following link is an account of one episode with a baby cricket.
I notice that meow-meow tends to sleeps on certain locations. She sleeps on Feng Shui system’s timely “8-white star” location. “8-white star” is the most auspicious star during Period 8 (2004- 2023).

My house has 3-levels. She just sleeps on the “8-white star” locations of each level! This feline knows Feng Shui. I can rent it out to do Feng Shui for people. Next section is some Feng Shui tips for cat directly from Master Meow-meow.

The Chinese zodiac animals do not really include little cats. But it has a big cat– tiger. So we also group cats under the tiger category.

Tiger or “Yin” (in Chinese earthly branch system) is wood in nature. It is represented by trunky plants or trees. Tiger combines with horse (“Wu“) and dog (“Xu“). Tiger also combines with pig (“Hai“). So the directions represented by these animals will be favorable to cats.
If your main door is located in one of the following directions, it will be good for cat-raising and your cat is likely be strong and healthy:
–NE (tiger) direction (esp. NE-east)
–South (Horse) direction
–East (rabbit) direction (wood direction)
–NW (dog) direction (esp. NW-west, NNW)
–North (water direction, nurtures wood)
If your main door does not fall into none of these 5 favorable directions for cat, you can put your cat bed in one of the above directions in your house.
Cat clashes with monkey. Monkey is metal in nature and stands for SW-west direction. The elemental nature of west direction is also metal. So if your main door sits on SW-west or west, your cat may get sick more often. You at least put its bed in one of the 5 good directions listed above.

Cat’s elemental nature is wood. Metal chops wood. Too much metal will hurt the health of your cat. So you should not put too many metal objects around your cat.

Period 8 is current Feng Shui’s time dimension. The ruling star is 8 or Gen trigram. Tiger or “Yin” is part of the Gen trigram (dog is Gen under the Yi-jing system ). So taking good care of a cat means you are taking care of the ruler star 8 or your wealth! Go adopt a cat from your local Animal Humane Society will bring you more good luck during Period 8.

The following link is another blog message about cat.

Ken Lai

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