Why some people’s dogs are sick all the time while others are strong and healthy? This may be due to their “dog Feng Shui“.

Dog is one of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals. Under this system, dog is located in NW or the “Xu” mountain of the 24 mountains system in Feng Shui.

The 12 zodiac animals also represent the earthly branch system in Chinese metaphysics and calendar system. Dog or Xu combines with tiger (“Yin“) and horse (“Wu“). It also combines with rabbit (“Mao“). So the directions represented by these animals will be favorable to dog.

If your main door is located in one of the following directions, it will be good for dog-raising and your dog is likely be strong and healthy:

–NE (tiger) direction
–South (Horse) direction
–East (rabbit) direction
–NW (dog) direction

If your main door does not fall into none of these 4 favorable directions for dog, you can put your dog kennel in one of the above directions in your house or yard.

Dog clashes with dragon. Dragon stands for SE direction. So if your main door sits on SE, your dog may get sick more often. You at least put its kennel in one of the 4 good directions listed above.

Dog’s elemental nature is earth. Earth produces metal. Too much metal will drain the health of your dog. So you should not put too many metal objects around your dog and avoid metal kennel.

Period 8 is current Feng Shui’s time dimension. The ruling star is 8 or Gen trigram. Gen also stands for dog in Yi-jing (I-Ching, the Book of Changes). So taking good care of a dog means you are taking care of the ruler star 8 or your wealth! Go adopt a dog from your local Animal Humane Society will bring you more good luck during Period 8.

If you want to understand the logic behind these favorable dog directions, you can check the rules governing heavenly stems and earthly branches OR simply take my “4-Pillars Bootcamp” video correspondence course.

Ken Lai

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