Is it possible for someone to be a Feng Shui genius AND Feng Shui idiot at the same time?

A case in point would be Nina Wang’s $13 billion estate legal case in Hong Kong.

Tony Chan, Nina Wang’s “secret lover”, claims that Nina had paid him US$30M in cash and eventually willed her whole estate to him because of “love”.

Nina’s original heir, Chinachem Charity foundation claims that Nina paid US$30M to Tony for his “Feng Shui services” and NOT out of “love”.

Each side of the litigating party has found their own “expert Feng Shui witness” to testify about the “prowness” or “lack of prowness” of Tony Chan’s Feng Shui knowledge.

Tony Chan has hired the world famous traditional/ classical Feng Shui master Mr. YYZ. Based on Tony’s Feng Shui practices of burning real paper money, digging of “Feng Shui holes“, burying of ritualistic objects and Tony’s secret Feng Shui manuscript, MR. YYZ concludes that Tony is “a Feng Shui master who does not know Feng Shui”.

This conclusion is exactly what Tony’s lawyer wants— that Tony Chan does not know much about Feng Shui and hence, it is his charm or Nina’s love that the latter willed her estate to Tony.

Incidentially, Mr. YYZ is also the co-author of “The complete idiot guide to Feng Shui” book.

Chinachem Charity has solicited the service of a Daoist Feng Shui master Mr. Szeto. 80% of the Macau casino Feng Shui jobs were done by him. He also hosts a few occult and supernatural cable TV shows in Hong Kong. So Mr. Szeto has the “home field advantage” and name-recognition here.

Mr. Szeto did not talk low about Tony Chan’s Feng Shui practices. Instead, he explains the hidden meanings and rationale of each ritual objects used by Tony. Obviously, Tony does not do traditional but ritualistic Feng Shui.

Mr. Szeto has stopped short of saying Tony is a Feng Shui genius. After all, who in Feng Shui history has made more money than Tony Chan? Even Mr. Szeto has made a lot less than him!

So, did these two Feng Shui expert witnesses tell the truth?

In my opinion, both did tell the truth BASED on their own special perspective or bias. A traditional-trained Feng Shui master will definitely testify that someone who practice ritualistic Feng Shui is NOT real (or traditional) Feng Shui. It is just weird that Tony Chan’s lawyers had hired a traditional Feng Shui master instead of a ritualistic one.

This case illustrates the diversity of Feng Shui practices and problems in defining what is “real Feng Shui”. I think the business of “expert Feng Shui witness” will be a short-lived one.

Ken Lai

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