Which one of the following Feng Shui credentials is most important to get the judge listen in court?

  1. famous lineage
  2. intelligent persons who have learned Feng Shui by self-study
  3. years of experience doing Feng Shui
  4. government registration/ certification

We can get the answer by observing the latest battle between the two Feng Shui expert witnesses in Nina Wang’s $13 Billion estate lawsuit in Hong Kong.

Mr. Szeto, the expert Feng Shui witness of Chinachem charity, is registered with China government and has 30 years of experience in Feng Shui and have done 400+ related ritual ceremonies.

Mr. YYZ, the Feng Shui expert witness of Tony Chan (the secret lover of Nina Wang), reported that 90% of his Feng Shui knowledge is from books or self-study.

Do you think who the judge will listen to?

Here is a Chinese newspaper report of the situation in court:


The judge had listened to Mr. Szeto’s testimony. Szeto was interrogated by Chan’s lawyer for copying info from a Taiwan religious website in Szeto’s Feng Shui report.

Mr. YYZ had made some comments about Tony Chan’s lack of real Feng Shui knowledge and got “cut short” when the judge found out his Feng Shui knowledge was learned from books.

I don’t mean to slight either lineage-trained or self-studied Feng Shui professionals here– there are cases of successful Feng Shui people trained under such conditions. But in court, it seems any certification that is non-governmental or not legally based– are next to useless.

If you want to be a Feng Shui expert witness, you need to get some sort of government registration/ certification and not wasting your money for ANY certifications that are granted by individual/s or private organizations, including the ones granted by yours truly— me.

Ken Lai

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