Get your attention?

On June 6, I went shopping for stationary and craft materials. I had shopped 4 stores and I had 50% off coupons for two of the stores.

In one store that no coupon can be used, I bought a color laser printer that normally is sold for US$499 for $100. It is not an obsolete model. Other local stores still sell the same model at $499.

The two stores that took 50% off coupon somehow gave me another 50% off at checkout. I did not know why (and not argue either, is it my charm?).

I got no deal from one store.

When I went home, I have checked the calendar– it was a ji-mao day. Mao is wood– my wealth element. So here is a potential “top secret” for maximizing your shopping dollars — shop during your wealth day.

Best of all, you can blame it on me when your spouse yelling at all your shopping bags.

See you in the shopping malls!

NOTE: In case you don’t know your wealth element, here are the formula:

Your Day-Master element / wealth element
Metal==> wood
Wood==> earth
Water==> fire
Fire==> metal
Earth==> water

You may refer to my message on “How to enhance your chance of winning lotto“, it has presented a more detailed formula there.

Ken Lai

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