A 4P friend responds to my “winning lotto” post:

Hi Ken,

After reading your blog article on “How to enhance your chance of winning lotto”, I have the following questions:

1. Seems to me that the “secret” does not consider the strength of the day-master (DM, wealth favorable or not) – is this important or not since the lotto prize would be only a small amount which can maybe be “handled” even by a weak DM?

Ken anwers: You are observant. Blog article is for general public and cannot be too specific due to the readers’ diverse backgrounds. You probably are able to figure out which day and hour for a weak (DM)to buy the lotto (what stands for wealth for weak DM?). This is why I tell people to buy only one $1 lotto ticket.money_woman

2. For a male DM, considering that his Pian-cai (non-regular income) also represents his female lover, could he meet a lover / potential girlfriend during his trip to buy a lottery ticket (joking …. )?

Ken answers: Wow! You have inspired me to write, “How to pick up woman with 4P?“. You will get 10% commission if it becomes a NY Times best seller. Anyone wants to pre-order?

I guess the guy either hitting the lotto or meeting a lover and may lose his shirt on the woman. Man with multiple pian-cai (non-regular wealth) in his chart tends to be a womanizer too– keep your daughters away from him.

Pian-cai also stands for father, so the man may pick up another father on his way to buy the lotto— just hope the old man is a rich guy or you may get stuck with his nursing home bills.

To know whether you will hit the lotto or pick up a woman or an old man, you may want to take my “4P Bootcamp” video correspondence course.

Ken Lai

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