I have won a small prize in lotto last month. Here is my little secret of using 4P (Bazi) knowledge to win.

Firstly, find out your own day-master (DM) element and its correspondent wealth element or pian-cai (“non-regular income”). For example, I am a Geng-metal DM, my pian-cai will be Jia-wood or yin-wood element.flying_money

May 19, 2009 was Jia-zi day. Zi is water and feeds the Jia-wood. So it is pretty strong wealth energy for a Geng-metal day-master person. If you do not know your DM element, you can go to my website to use the “4P Calculator” to find out. The day element (the top one of the day pillar) will be your DM element.


Secondly, find out a day that is rich in your pian-cai (non-regular wealth). In my case, a Jia-wood or Yin-wood day. You can use the same “4P calculator” by entering the date to find out its elemental nature by checking the day pillar.

You may further enhance the wealth energy by choosing your own wealth hour. Like in my case, choose a yin or tiger hour (yes, very early, but there are 24 x 7 convenience stores here).

After you have all the above info, you go to a store during your wealth day and wealth hour and buy a lotto ticket. There is no need to buy more than one ticket.

The followings are the wealth day and hour for different day-masters.

DM: WOOD DM: WEALTH ELEMENT (non-regular wealth)
Jia DM: Wu-earth, chen and Xu earth
Sample date: Wu-wu (fire), wu-chen, wu-xu; bing-chen, bing-xu
Sample hour:
chen, xu
Where to buy: SE or NW side from your location (chen or xu mountain)

Yi DM: Ji, chou, and wei earth
Sample date:Ji-si, ji-chou, ji-wei, ding-chou, ding-wei
Sample hour: chou, wei
Where to buy: SW or NE side from your location (chou or wei mountain)

FIRE DM: WEALTH ELEMENT (non-regular wealth)
Bing DM: Geng and shen metal
Sample date:
Geng-shen, geng-chen, geng-xu, wu-shen
Sample hour: shen
Where to buy:
west or SW side from your location (geng or shen mountain)

Ding DM: Xin and you metal
Sample date: Xin-you, xin-chou, xin-wei, ji-you
Sample hour:
Where to buy: west side from your location (xin or you mountain)

EARTH DM: WEALTH ELEMENT (non-regular wealth)
Wu DM: Ren and zi water
Sample date: Ren-zi, ren-shen, geng-zi
Sample hour: zi
Where to buy: north side from your location (ren or zi mountain)

Ji DM: Gui and hai water
Sample date: Gui-hai, gui-you, xin-hai
Sample hour: hai
Where to buy: north and NW side from your location (gui or hai mountain)

METAL DM: WEALTH ELEMENT (non-regular wealth)
Geng DM: Jia and yin wood
Sample date: Jia-yin, jia-zi, Ren-yin
Sample hour: yin
Where to buy: east and NE side from your location (jia or yin mountain)

Xin DM: Yi and mao wood
Sample date: Yi-mao, yi-hai, gui-mao
Sample hour: mao
Where to buy: east side from your location (yi or mao mountain)

WATER DM: WEALTH ELEMENT (non-regular wealth)
======================================= =====
Ren DM:
Bing and wu fire
Sample date: Bing-wu, bing-yin, jia-wu
Sample hour: wu-horse
Where to buy: south side from your location (bing or wu mountain)

Gui DM: Ding and si fire
Sample date: Ding-si, ding-mao, yi-si
Sample hour: si
Where to buy: south and SE side from your location (ding or si mountain)

If you win, send me 10% or to your favorite charity will keep the winning coming.

Ken Lai

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