Quitting Feng Shui?

No, buy a new iPhone 3G S from Apple. It is equipped with a digital compass, 3-megapixel camera, video recorder, internet-capable phone and is also programmable to run applications (and games).
iphone with digital compass
The digital compass can work like a GPS and sync with Google maps. You can do a Feng Shui audit with this iPhone, log into internet to see a satellite view of your client’s property to observe the surrounding form without being a Superman or taking a helicopter ride.

Not only can you avoid being ripped off by expensive luopan sellers, you can also get some “weight-loss” by dumping your digital camera or video camera and notebook and use the iPhone to do it all. Of course, I assume programmers will write Feng Shui applications for iPhone in no time.

Sometimes we avoid being perceived as too ethnic or “religious” by using a regular compass instead of a luopan when we do corporate Feng Shui. With the new iPhone, we will look “hi-tech” and modern.

You can see how the iPhone digital compass work from this link:

PS: I do not own Apple stocks

Ken Lai

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