AFP reports that a Taiwanese “high roller” Mr. Yuan threatens to sue the Venetian Casino of Las Vegas for “Feng Shui sabotage” that caused him losing US$2 million dollars.

Read this link for how the “sabotage” was set up:boxer

Amazingly, Venetian has promised to refund Mr. Yuan $100,000 in cash and the rest in chips.

This could be the beginning of profitable business for Feng Shui practitioners to be expert witness of “Feng Shui sabotage” lawsuits and get the casinos to refund some money to the gamblers.

This can also be a big headache for casinos in Asia– most of them, like the ones in Macau, Malaysia and even Singapore– are Feng-shuied to the teeth, to make sure the gamblers keep contributing to their bottomlines. Now gamblers have a reason and precedent to sue their pants off.

Will the casinos  “de-feng-shui” their joints to avoid lawsuits?

There will be a new genre of Feng Shui job– certifying casinos as “Feng Shui free“, so that high rollers will flock there and gamble without worry.

You may write “Gambler’s Feng Shui Guide” to show which casino has the most unfriendly Feng Shui…..

De-Feng Shui” as a new type of Feng Shui business…. strange thing happens all the time.

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