When to call in your Feng Shui consultants:

— before you buy a new property
— before you move into a new rental property
— many unexpected and unpleasant events happened after moving into a new property
— unexpected unfavorable career changesholding-luopan
— family members suddenly have unusually high incidence of accidents or health problems
— serious health problems like cancer
— multiple deaths in the family
— children’s academic performance suddenly drops like a rock
— family members does not like staying home or returning late
— more arguments among family members
— insecure feeling
— problem in sleeping
— life overall is full of obstacles

Of course, it will be helpful to check the 4P charts of major family members before hiring Feng Shui consultants, to make sure the events are Feng Shui related and not due to your low luck period. Feng Shui can’t help much if your current luck is on the low side.

— this message is sponsored by Starving Feng Shui Masters Association of the Universe.

Ken Lai
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