This is not a typo– “think and kill it”, not the “think and get it” from the positive thinking and “attraction” gurus.

Last Saturday I went to an electronic store and saw a great deal on a large LCD TV and ALMOST bought it. I had resisted temptation by thinking my 16 years old TV still “works“.

Then on Sunday, my faithful TV emitted a “pop” sound and RIP (died).

Boy, either my subconscious mind is so strong that killed the old TV or I got a very jealous TV.” I thought.

Anyway, I do not want my old TV died for nothing. It gives me the inspiration to create the “Think and Kill it” books, tapes, DVDs, seminar and correspondence courses.

Imagine how much one will pay for “eliminating” or “neutralizing” (nicer words for “kill”) their competitions, annoying boss or supervisors, love triangle, hated spouse for insurance claims and more— without legal hassles? This is like doing “think and get it” from the back door.

Ken, have you bought the big LCD TV then?

Not yet, I need to trace my thought processses to recreate the ‘think and kill it’ sequence, do some testings (any volunteer?), write the manual and then sell it like crazy— before I can buy the TV.”

“Huh, let me think of a major competition, who is the lucky fellow?” His or her spouse may be interested in a free trial of this course.

Ken Lai
“Practical Date-Selection Methods (incl. XKDG) w/ 12 hr. video
“Practical Imperial Qi-men-Dun-Jia” w/ 10 hr. video
“Daoist Talismans for Feng Shui & Blessing” v.2 w/ 24 hr video
“Practical Door Feng Shui for Wealth” w/ 3 hr. video
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