Now is late March and it seems the current year has an unusually high number of plane crashes.planecrash_22b

Newspaper reports that there are 2 new plane crashes in last weekend.

People ask me why all the crashes? Here is my attempted answer:

2009 is Ji-chou or earth-ox year. The 5-element nature of ox is also earth. So earth energy is very strong this year.

Chou is the “tomb” or storage of metal element. Si-you-chou (snake-rooster- ox) is the 3-unity metal combinations in the Chinese stem and branch system.

“You” is rooster (bird) and metal in nature. It can be interpreted as airplane.

In post-heaven bagua or lao-shu chart, west is occupied by the 7-metal star. You-metal is also located in the same area.

For year 2009’s annual star chart, 2-sickness (earth) star flies to the west direction. This has two implications:
1. it adds more earth to the region
2. in Chinese numerology, 2-7 means fire, so the fire adds more earth to the region.

In short, there are excessive earth energy in 2009. In 4-Pillars, there is a term called “too much earth will bury metal”.

With 2-7 fire in the you-metal region and the strong chou metal-tomb energy, some “flying birds” crashed and burned and ended up in the metal tomb.

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