Hi Pals,

Chinese New Year will come eariler this year on Jan. 26th. If the Mouse Year is not good or really “suck” for you, you may want to do some house-cleaning on the 25th.

Besides cleaning away the clutter and garbage, you may want to open all the windows, cupboards and drawers, to let the old-qi or energy go away. Turn on your fan to blow the old or stagnant qi out of your house for about half an hour. You may want to burn some incense or spray your house with lavender scent after the cleaning.

BUT, if the year is great for you, do NOT blow the qi away! You want to keep the good qi for an extended ride.

This cleansing trick can be easily adapted to do a major Feng Shui magic…. Students who have taken my Feng Shui class should figure that out. Many metaphysics techniques use similar principles.2oxen

I have started my house-cleaning with my website first. Now it is “cleaner” with many new pictures and some new contents. If you want to check it out, here is the link:


Say “Hi” to my lucky ox and …… The picture at the home page has a little riddle there (Hint: think about bagua and 24 mountains).

According to the Chinese custom, do NOT do any house-cleaning on the New Year Day, so the good fortune will not be “swept” away.

Ken Lai
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