I am running around China and Hong Kong in the last few weeks. In Hong Kong, I see over 20 “2009 Year of Ox” fortune-telling books. Most are simply based on the 12 Chinese zodiac animals to “predict” the 2009 luck of people, though some use Immortal Wong Tai Sin, QMDJ and Plum-Flower.

Publishers of these 2009 fortune-telling books always try to be the first ones in the market to grab the market share. Those who had published before the sub-prime mortgage crisis are likely to predict “business as usual” like the global economy will be great. The ones that are published after the financial crisis is exposed are likely to predict the economy will not be “optimistic” or “challenging“.

It is interesting to see most writers of these fortune-telling books will “review” and brag about their 2008 predictions. They simply ignore what they had missed and just focused on the “hits“. Everyone makes tons of predictions and some will “hit” the target for sure. Very often, predictions are phrased in vague terms like “not optimistic” or “challenging”, it can always be treated as a “hit” no matter what has happened.

Today is your lucky day, you can publish your own “2010 Fortune Book” with the following tips about how the predictions are made:
1. based on stars of annual or Purple White chart
2. making interpretations based on the jia-zi (binomial) of the year. For example, 2009 is ji-chou or earth-ox year. One can tell a long story based on this jia-zi.
3. based on the animal nature of the year (e.g. 2008 is year of rat, some writers will make a big fuss out of the rat’s nature)
4. based on shen-sha like Grand Duke, San-sha (3-killings) and the like
5. based on the writer’s own divination using Plum Flower, Yi-Jing and the like
6. based on astrological stars
7. based on QMDJ charts
8. simply based on the gut-feeling of the writer!

You may use a combinations or all of the above to write your 2010 Fortune book. Send me 10% royalty if you can! All proceed will go to charity.

Ken Lai
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