I have received an email from a student of my “Daoist Talismans for Feng Shui and Blessing” seminar:


Hi Ken,

I had suffered an accident– my bedroom had a fire. But I am very grateful because my family is fine and nobody got hurt.

Ah!! I had to tell you this– I had bought the house-protection talisman that you brought us. I have put it on the window. I have put the talisman for Love, the ” Daoist Holy Trinity” and “Saint Wong” pictures that you gave us as part of the Daoist Tailsman course on the dragon side of my bed and you know what? The fire had stopped at where the talisman and deity pictures were located!! For example, it did not burn my bed. People said that I was lucky because I have a wooden floor. The house may burn down.

The fire had burned the curtains, a love seat, my laundry and nothing else. I know I was lucky because my house faces 5-yellow disaster star this year!! Thank God we are alive!!!

Could you replace my burned talismans? I will make a donation to charity for the talismans if you like. I do know these talismans had helped. These talismans can stop the fire. Can you explain why the fire had stopped after burning the talisman and pictures of the deities?


Why did the fire stopped exactly at the talismans and deity pictures locations? I guess it is their way to show that you are blessed or they really care!

To satisfy your curiosity, I have posted the deity pictures mentioned in this blog. The “Daoist Holy Trinity” or San Qing, are the highest authority in Daoism. “Saint Wong” or Immortal Wong Tai Sin is a popular Daoist deity in Hong Kong and Southern China. St. Wong is also a Feng Shui Deity. You may print the pictures out for your protection. Please show respect and do not throw the picture into garbage can. Burn the picture if you no longer need it.

The 23rd day of the 8th lunar month is the birthday of Saint Wong. It happens to be today.

Ken Lai

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