August 30, 2008 was also the 30th day of the lunar month. In terms of Chinese calendar, the current month is the 7th month of the year, geng-shen (metal monkey) month and the day is ren-yin (water tiger).

According to date-selection rule, a tiger-day in a monkey month is considered as a “month breaker” day– inauspicious because tiger clashes monkey in the Chinese zodiac.

Here is an extract from my “Practical Date-Selection Methods” manual:

Month Breaker (Yue Po)
If you use this day:
• Frustrations. Things do not flow.
• Arguments and conflicts.
• Business negotiations will be unsuccessful.
• Contracts and marriages are unsuccessful.

Today I read the web edition of Hong Kong’s Ming Pao newspaper. It has a heading of:

Within 6 hours, 4 Mental patients jumped to their death “
(in Chinese)

Here is the info, on August 30, 2008:
2:23am– 36 years old man jumped to his death from a building
(Chou hour)
4:50am– 48 years old man jumped to his death from a building
(yin hour)
5:21am — 49 years old man jumped to his death from a building
(mao hour)
8:30am — 37 years old woman jumped from third floor of a building, survived
(chen hour)

The incidents happened in different districts of Hong Kong.

Some striking data emerged:
1. All are mental patients, so they were not rational and were more likely affected by external forces like magnetism or planetary influences.
2. Two victims are at the age of “violating Tai Sui” or Grand Duke (36 and 48 years old). The remaining two are just one year after violating Grand Duke.
3. All incidents happened in the morning.

Are these the effects of “month breaker” or “Grand Duke violation” or just coincidence?

Ken Lai

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