Check out the amazing story of a mysterious Chinese factory girl, the“iPhone Girl”:

Her pictures are unintentionally show up in an iPhone purchased at UK. In less than a week, she becomes a global internet sensation and the top 10 searches of search engines. There are fan websites setup for her both inside and outside China.

There is a saying in 4-Pillars, “A gentleman will not be prosperous without being penalized.”

Very often, we found the very rich or successful persons have a semi-3-penalty in their 4P charts.

People with overnight fame and/or success, sometimes, are due to a 3-penalties formed with luck period/s in their 4P charts.

However, 3-penalties can also cause serious injuries or even death to the person OR his/her close relatives.

When will a 3-penalties be positive or negative to a person? It all depends on the relationship between branch elements involved in the 3-penalties and the day-master
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So far I have not found the iPhone Girl’s birthday.

Ken Lai

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