July 2008

Some people think Feng Shui master is a superman. They expect him/her to solve most if not all their problems.

Sometimes people think that a Feng Shui master is God or at least has a direct phone line to God. They ask him/ her to enhance their wealth through Feng Shui remedies, solve their relationship problems, children’s academic problems, job-seeking, health problems or even weight-loss.

If you have an Asia-based email address, you probably have received tons of “Feng Shui for Anything Seminar” email ads. It brags about a fast-talking Feng Shui master can teach you to do anything with Feng Shui– for power, wealth, relationship……

Well, have you ever wondered why the world’s richest person is not a Feng Shui master?

While everything may somehow related to Feng Shui, but using Feng Shui to fix or enhance every thing may not be the most cost-effective way.

You can walk to Rome or fly to Rome. Feng Shui is good for problems that are directly related to your residence or properties. Indirect problems should be handled by professionals in the special areas concerned.

If you have money problem, go find a job or a financial planner or a loan officer. Money won’t fall from sky into your hands if you sit on your ass and do nothing. I know a guy who has 2 water dragons and three 5-ghost-carry-money setups and still having money problem– because he just sits and waits.

If you have relationship problem, go see a family counselor or Dr. Phil.

If you were chronically sick and the problem is not Feng Shui related, go see a health professional.

Feng Shui practitioners should not masquerade as financial planners, Abbey, motivational talkers, medical doctors or the like. Elevating Feng Shui as a magic bullet or answer to every problem in life will hurt the discipline in the long run. It heightens people’s expectation on Feng Shui which is more than likely, resulting in frustration.

Feng Shui is not the master-key or solution to all the worldly problems or it would have been the compulsory requirement for graduation for all the universities.

The basic premise of Feng Shui is to live in harmony with nature. It is not a church or temple for you to plea for wealth, power, relationship …….

Ken Lai
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My kid’s classmate has adopted a cat from the local Animal Humane Society a few days ago. She found that some of her family members are allergic to cat. So the poor cat ends up at our doorstep.

I take in this cat because cat is my wealth element.

In 4-Pillars of Destiny, the 5-elements (metal, water, wood, fire and earth) are represented by 12 animals. What you control is your wealth (or wife for male). My day-master is metal, so wood is my wealth. Cat belongs to the wood element category, so cat represents my wealth.

By taking care of a cat, hopefully, also take care of the well-being of my wealth.

To find out which animal is good for you in terms of wealth, you need to find out your day-master element first. Simply go to:


Click on the 4P Calculator link and punch in your birth day and click on the “COMPUTE” button. You will see a table with 4 columns: year, month, day and hour.

Check the upper row of the day column, you will see one of the 5 elements (wood, water and etc.). That element is your day-master element.

Here are the corresponding pets that you may have to enhance your wealth luck:

For metal day-masters: (wood element is wealth)
Pets: Tiger, cougar, bear, cat and rabbit

For water day-masters: (fire element is wealth)
Pets: Snakes, reptiles, turtles and horses

For wood day-masters: (earth element is wealth)
Pets: goat, dog, dragon (you can use a deer or giraffe) and cow

For fire day-masters: (metal element is wealth)
Pets: chicken, birds, and monkey

For earth day-masters: (water element is wealth)
Pets: mouse (ferrets, guinea pig, rodent type) and pig

HOWEVER, if you really want to find out the exact pet, you need to figure out if your day-master is strong or weak. You may want to take my “4-Pillars Boot-camp” video correspondence course to figure it out (sorry for the plug, I need money to pay for vet and cat food!).

Ken Lai

“Practical Date-Selection Methods” (incl. XKDG)w/ 12 hr. video
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“Practical Door Feng Shui for Wealth” w/ 3 hr. video
“4-Pillars Forecasting Bootcamp” with 12 hr. video

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