I was in Mexico City teaching “4-Pillars Bootcamp” last weekend.

Owning to the summer tourist season, the only hotel room that I can get is located at San Sha and 5-yellow disaster direction!

The first two nights I had dreams of long-deceased relatives and a grad-school classmate. I rarely dreamed of deceased people and let alone dreaming of them 2 nights in a row.

The third night, before going to bed, I saw a 5-inches big black moth on the window edge.

Chinese believe that their deceased relatives, especially the newly deceased, come back in the form of flying insects like butterflies and moths, to visit their love ones.

I was worried if anything happened to my own family members due to the dreams about dead people and especially this mysterious appearance of a black moth.

I have called my relatives in the states and Hong Kong. They are all safe and sound.

So I have called a Mexican friend about the symbolic meaning of black moth to them.

Black moth or butterfly flying into your house means bad luck or even the death of a family member. We normally catch and burn it to avoid bad luck.” My amigo said.

I can’t burn my mama! The black moth could be her visiting me– though it is a long flight for her to fly from Hong Kong to Mexico City!” Said I.

To prevent some worrisome amigos from burning this black moth, I have captured it with a plastic bag and release it outside the hotel.

The next day, which happened to be the second day of the “4P Boot-camp” seminar, something unexpected happened.

At the end of the day, a new student come into the class! This is very unusual for someone to join a class when 66% of the class was already done. It can also be the good work of Monica, my local organizer.

This “unexpected income” means 10 tanks of gas for my car!

The following evening, I found the same black moth at my door edge! This became very freaky to me. Is this really my deceased mother visiting me? I must have been a bad boy lately.

Anyway, to avoid the black moth being killed, I telepathically told it, “Hi amigo! Go away if you don’t want to be a roasted moth!” Then I have used a stick to drive it away. It has disappeared ever since.

To my Mexican amigas and amigos who are reading this, I cannot guarantee you getting 10 tanks of gas when you set free a black moth or butterfly. But letting the “bad luck” or butterfly/ moth fly away is much better than burning the “bad luck” in your house!

It is bad karma to kill any living being, especially those who do no harm to you. On the other hand, one kind deed can potentially mean the difference between going to heaven or hell! There are stories in Buddhist literature about some people who had escaped hell due to one simple random act of kindness to a small animal or insect.


Ken Lai

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