A few new Chinese books on “Iron Plate Divination” or “Tie Ban Shen Shu” (TBSS) were published in the last 12 months.

TBSS is probably the most hyped Chinese fortune-telling method with BS like that only “X” number of people can learn it (x is less than 10) for the whole universe.

Basically, TBSS is a compendium of thousands of oracle-like “comments“. The methods or formula to “retrieve” these comments from the compendium are considered “top secrets“.

In Hong Kong, there are “masters” who charges from HK$50k to 200k (US$5300 to $25,000) for a reading with “waiting period” from 6 months to a year! And they do not just take any John or Jane from the street. You need to be “referred” by someone they know.

Recently, an online forum in a south-eastern Asian country reports about someone has paid about US$500 (about one month salary of a local engineer) to an online personality for a TPSS reading.

After waiting for 3 weeks, the payee just got a 3-pages report that looks like generated by a Zi Wei Dou Shu computer program.

A few years ago, a Hong Kong radio program had done an exposé on TBSS fortune-telling.

The radio reported that the reason that there is a long waiting period is not really that the “masters” have so many clients on their waiting lists, they just need the time to do background investigation on the clients!

With the high consultation fee, they can afford to hire private investigators to dig up info on the clients. Not to mention internet search will also provide tons of info for free.

When the client is referred by someone they know, they can tap into the channels for information too

So the common characteristics of these readings are: past events and family relationship predictions are very accurate. Future predictions are given in very ambiguous fashion and are much less accurate.

There are some fortune-tellers who can do something similar by using witchcraft (like using “child ghost“). But their future predictions are pretty inaccurate.

Please note that I do not mean TBSS is fake– just the probability of you seeing the real thing is pretty low.

Ken Lai
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