A student asks me if he should take someone’s “Hi-Hi-Hi Feng Shui” and “La-La-La Feng Shui” courses (course titles withheld to preserve the integrity of the original methods).

“Take the courses if your father owns a non-U.S. bank“. I told the student.

Besides, you have taken quite a few Feng Shui courses! You may already have the best Feng Shui mouse-traps without knowing.”

To my dismay, this student’s father really owns a non-U.S. bank! So I need to explain further.

“Hi-Hi-Hi” method was originally designed for fast-changing battlefield environment and “La-La-La” method was designed for divination of daily events. Either method can easily take someone a life-time to master.

To apply a method in a new field that is not originally designed for may need more cautions and time to be proven. Also the creditability of the source of such new methods needs to be considered too.

My personal bias is: I tend to be on the conservative side. “Discoveries” in Chinese metaphysics can easily take 50+ to hundred years to be “proven” and/ or widely accepted.

While these methods may somehow be directly or indirectly related to Feng Shui, it may not be the most efficient way (cost or time-wise) to tackle Feng Shui problems.

“Hi-Hi-Hi” and “La-La-La” methods are not easy to learn even assuming cost is not a consideration. If these methods were easy and powerful, it should be “Hi-Hi-Hi” and “La-La-La” and not Flying Star Feng Shui, dominate the current Feng Shui field.

To learn or use Feng Shui, you may want to go straight to traditional Feng Shui courses like San Yuan, San He or the like directly.

The same logic can also be applied to Bazi (4P) and ZWDS. Both are also somehow related to Feng Shui. One may apply these methods to Feng Shui if by chance one had taken these classes already.

But to take a class on 4P or ZWDS or “Hi-Hi-Hi” or “La-La-La” because you want to do Feng Shui, is like taking a guitar class because you want to learn typing.

There may be new or attractive claims on “Hi-Hi-Hi” or “La-La-La” Feng Shui that may be too much to resist. I cannot help or advise you on those claims. But again, all I can say is:

“Take the courses if your father owns a non-U.S. bank“.

For those who have a poor dad, you may want to do some “mining” with your old Feng Shui course manuals instead. Very often, people take a course, get excited and then shelve the course materials without testing or trying it.

I had the same “better mouse-trap syndrome” when I was young. Instead of examining and studying of what I already have, I tried to look for a “better mouse-trap” to “spare” me of the hard work required to learn. The result was wasting tons of money and time chasing and buying repackaged or recycled “mouse-traps”.

Ken Lai

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