A few years ago, many of us laughed our heads off when we saw the “Feng Shui haircut” in Penn & Teller’s TV series “Bullshit“.

Well, you have not seen the real head-turner yet.

Magazine cover

Magazine cover

Ms. Yang-lan, a TV personality in China, has teamed up with a clothing manufacturer and developed an underwear line using “Feng Shui” as the brand name. The picture here is the cover of a magazine pushing the FS undies.

Here is the headline:

“Yang-lan highly recommends Feng Shui Underwear.
Wearing Feng Shui Underwear wil turn you into a rich woman”

It does not specify if a man wears the FS undies will turn him into a rich woman or free sex-change operation is included.

Feng Shui undies may be an extreme case of marginalizing Feng Shui. But the damages to legitimate Feng Shui has been done by these “Feng Shui Anything” marketeers. They promise anything you want– health, wealth, relationship, academic, career…. ., but deliver little.

You can see the “damages” by simply going to bookstores like “Borders” or “Barnes and Noble“. A few years ago, there were 2+ more shelves devoted to Feng Shui books. Now it is less than half of a shelf.

Well, do you want to buy a Feng Shui Magic Wand? Simply make a wish, raise the wand and viola, get whatever you want without leaving your bed to attend any Feng Shui seminars.

Ken Lai

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