My kid’s classmate has adopted a cat from the local Animal Humane Society a few days ago. She found that some of her family members are allergic to cat. So the poor cat ends up at our doorstep.

I take in this cat because cat is my wealth element.

In 4-Pillars of Destiny, the 5-elements (metal, water, wood, fire and earth) are represented by 12 animals. What you control is your wealth (or wife for male). My day-master is metal, so wood is my wealth. Cat belongs to the wood element category, so cat represents my wealth.

By taking care of a cat, hopefully, also take care of the well-being of my wealth.

To find out which animal is good for you in terms of wealth, you need to find out your day-master element first. Simply go to:

Click on the 4P Calculator link and punch in your birth day and click on the “COMPUTE” button. You will see a table with 4 columns: year, month, day and hour.

Check the upper row of the day column, you will see one of the 5 elements (wood, water and etc.). That element is your day-master element.

Here are the corresponding pets that you may have to enhance your wealth luck:

For metal day-masters: (wood element is wealth)
Pets: Tiger, cougar, bear, cat and rabbit

For water day-masters: (fire element is wealth)
Pets: Snakes, reptiles, turtles and horses

For wood day-masters: (earth element is wealth)
Pets: goat, dog, dragon (you can use a deer or giraffe) and cow

For fire day-masters: (metal element is wealth)
Pets: chicken, birds, and monkey

For earth day-masters: (water element is wealth)
Pets: mouse (ferrets, guinea pig, rodent type) and pig

HOWEVER, if you really want to find out the exact pet, you need to figure out if your day-master is strong or weak. You may want to take my “4-Pillars Boot-camp” video correspondence course to figure it out (sorry for the plug, I need money to pay for vet and cat food!).

Ken Lai

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