“Daoist Talismans for Feng Shui and Blessing” is my most popular class in Mexico City. I taught it for the third time last week.

I have added 25 more pages of new materials and numerous new topics that are verbally taught for this seminar. I have almost added one day of new materials. Some students have come to repeat the class because of the new information.

Here are what I have added:
1. Over 40 new talismans covering benediction, cleansing, wealth, business, career and romance
2. Energetic formations to raise the energy levels of houses and people.
3. Common Daoist and Buddhist mudra

Specific topics includes: (some do not even need talismans)

* How to handle recurrent nightmares about bloody accidents and death of family members
* How to deal with rebellious children
* How to pacify crying or scared babies
* How to treat a house with bad Feng Shui when you can’t move out
* How to raise the energy level of a house with bad Feng Shui
* How to overcome fear under different situations
* How to get an upper-hand in business negotiations
* How to protect yourself from unclean energies after visiting funeral home or hospital
* How to raise your luck energy level when your current luck is low
* How to enhance or terminate romance (peach blossom)
* How to enhance small fortune luck and protection with earth god kit
* How to do the “Sheng Kei” ( 生基) of yin Feng Shui without spending a fortune and leaving your home
* How to find your helpful people or mentor
* How to enhance your debt-collecting power
* How to appease Grand Duke after you have violated him
* How to purify and activate (benediction) sacred objects like deity and animal statues
* How to “de-activate” sacred objects

Daoist Talismans for Feng Shui and Blessing” course is also available as a video correspondence course. You may check the course contents in http://www.kenlaifengshui.com

Ken Lai

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