I was in Mexico City teaching “Daoist Talismans for Feng Shui and Blessing“. A student told me that he had accidentally killed a Chihuahua rat in his backyard in last February. That rat had lived there for over two years.

After the “accident“, his family business slows down, has problems getting paid by clients, many electronic items gone bad suddenly, even water-supply shut down, has more arguments with spouse and seems to hit the wall everywhere.

This students thinks he had killed “Grand Duke” because the current animal sign of the year is “rat“. He had made offerings to the soul of the dead Chihuahua rat and did house-cleansing. He has also purchased a pet mouse and hugs it everyday.

However, things still have not improved much.

So during the talisman class, I have added a special “Divine Grand Duke Talisman” for this class. It can appease Grand Duke after you have violated him.


In addition, I have given him the name of Grand Duke’s mother, Dou Lu. So that he can also appeal to Grand Duke’s mother by writing a talisman to her. According to Daoist mythology, 60  Grand Dukes are the stars in heaven and Dou Lu is the mother of all the constellations (stars).   She has four heads and 8 arms.

A student had joked that the next time when she writes a talisman to “Grand Duke“, she will put c.c. to his (GD) mother!