I ran into an interesting Xuan-Kong-Da-Gua (XKDG) date-selection case in Hong Kong in last April.

A local master was solicited to do a date-selection for the renovation of an ancient tomb. The tomb houses the founding ancestral couple of a local clan.

The formation of this tomb is called “Literacy Shrimp Frolicking with Water (文蝦戲水). This is a typical San He (3-harmony) job which likes to “naming imagery based on forms” (呼形喝象). The original master thought the form around the tomb looks like a shrimp playing with water. Water is also associated with intelligence and hence literacy. So this “shrimp” is a smart shrimp. By naming it “literacy shrimp“, hopefully, the descendants will be learned scholars.

The local master wrote, “This is a shrimp form, if the selected day has no water (rain), the shrimp will die! If it rains, we can’t initiate construction. This is really a tough job.”

This is the date selected, June 12, 2007, Wu hour:

Year: Ding Hai; 8 zhen/ kun 8
Month: Bing Wu; 4 dui/ xun 3
Day: Ding Chou; 4 dui/ zhen 7
Hour: Bing Wu; 4 dui/ xun 3

“The observatory had issued a thunderstorm warning in early morning of the selected day.” The local master said. “It had rained heavily in Si hour (9:01- 11am). Sunshine came out during Wu hour (11:01- 13:00). We did the renovation during Wu hour and finished within 2 hours. The sky then turned cloudy during first half of Wei hour (13:01- 14:00). By that time the cement had dried. It had rained again during the second half of Wei hour. We are fortunate to get help from heaven!”

Well, it seems even Feng Shui shrimp based on imagery needs 5-elements support. In my next post, I will tell you how to learn XKDG date-selection in an hour and how much this Hong Kong master charges for XKDG date-selection.

Ken Lai

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