Charity Sale for China Earthquake Victims

Dear Members,

Life is invariably associated with suffering, said the Buddha. We come to FS, to divination, to seek a deeper understanding of how we may navigate life’s waters. Thus, in seeking our fortune, it is wise to be aware of the suffering of our fellow man and woman.

We are acutely aware of the suffering of those in the earthquake in China. We would like to do our small part in helping the earthquake victims by offering our correspondence course “PRACTICAL DATE-SELECTION METHODS” (with 12 hours video) for sale.

ALL course fee (minus shipping) will be donated to China earthquake victims via International Red Cross in your honor. Donation acknowledgment in email and/or paper form will be sent directly to you by Red Cross.

Tax deduction (if needed) can be arranged. No production cost will be deducted.

This is a rare opportunity to do something good and learn some useful date-selection methods, including Xuan-Kong-Da-Gua.

“Practical Date-selection Methods” with 12 hours video

PAYMENT FORM: PayPal, Visa/MC, Western Union.

1. Free air-mail shipping (a $30 value)
2. A blessed mantra that offer protection from earthquake damage
3. A red talisman that offers protection and blessing

OFFER DURATION: From now till June 15, 2008
CONTACT: kenlai93@yahoo. com

You can find more details about this course in:

I wish to thank the co-author Master Lee for agreeing with this offer.

Any action taken with charity at its heart is strongly and specially based in the energy matrix of qi. This allow your actions to take deeper root when you use these precious date-selection methods, and your merit will help you achieve your dreams.


Ken Lai and Master Lee