I have just returned from China after leading a tour and staying there for almost 2 months. This “Feng Shui Battle” looks like a Japanese monster movie set. To see the pictures of this “Battle”, please click the following link:


This “Feng Shui battle” had occurred in China in the 80’s. It began when someone had fixed a “heart-piercing sha” (a lamp-post in front of main door) by building a giant “beetle” on his roof. His neighbor had counteracted the beetle with a giant “phoenix” (but the bird looks like a monster bird!).

Another neighbor had used a giant crown, elephants, eagles, dragons and other strange creatures to fight the beetle. The results are not pretty– all three buildings become vacant! In the “Advanced Form Feng Shui” course, Ken Lai will show you how to look at houses like these WITHOUT using luopan by just looking at the surrounding forms.

It was an overkill to fix a “heart-piercing sha” with a giant beetle. It can be fixed with something simple and inexpensive.

Ken Lai

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