Jennifer Lopez has given birth to a girl and then boy early today.;_ylt=AmQzjjTNdNZn4ZVPgvlfFpwnncUF

The report does not say the exact time of birth other than “the babies were born shortly after midnight“.

I would guess the twins were born in early zi hour (00:00- 00:59). If that is the case, the twins will have a challenging future:


10-YEAR LUCKS will be different for the twins since one is a girl and the other is a boy.

There is a special way to handle twins’ 4P chart. It is discussed in my “4P Bootcamp” list.

If born in early zi hour, the boy will have good life for the first 30- 40 year of life whereas the girl will have mostly challenging life throughout her life.

One hour difference will change the daymaster (the twins) from strong to weak.

If the birth hour is xin-chou (after 1 am), then the girl will have mostly great life and the boy will have pretty great life except a challenging teenhood and some rough time between 25- 34 years old.

Let’s wait and see if we can live long enough.

Ken Lai

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