“Ken, your Swallow Lovers story is touching, but does it have anything to do with Chinese metaphysics? “

Yes, there are something related to swallow and Feng Shui. I save it for this message, so it won’t spoil the love story.

Traditionally speaking, when birds and insects build their nests under the roof of your house is considered auspicious. It signifies the energy at that location is
good. However, the nests must be OUTSIDE your house, including outside your courtyard.

Swallows and small birds that are small and cute, are considered “yin“. “Yin” stands for women, ghosts and sickness. So if swallows build a nest INSIDE your property, it has the following implications:

1. the man of the house has a mistress outside this house
2. someone is chronically sick

Another folk belief about swallow is the association of “separation” with swallow. There is a traditional Cantonese song with the title “Separation Swallow”. It talks about physical separation of two lovers. Physical separation is not as fearful as separation by death. So the Chinese does not really welcome the appearance of swallow around their properties.

On the other hand, Chinese considers swallow nest as very nutritious to the body. The nest is made with the saliva of the swallows. Swallow nest is a big business in certain regions of Indonesia and Malaysia.

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