The year of Rat starts on February 4 and “The Super Tueday Tornadoes” hit the America South on the next day. It killed over 55 people and millions dollars worth of property damages.;_ylt=AiZCYrWrfsLWUIhKgnO8YARH2ocA

Here is the Feng Shui way of explaining it:

For 2008 Wu-zi year (earth-rat),

* Grand Duke (Tai Sui) is in the North (zi mountain)
* Year Breaker (Sui-po) is in the South (wu mountain)
* 3-Killings (San Sha) is in the South (si, wu and wei mountains)
* 5-yellow disaster star is in the South

You can see that three vicious energies overlap in the South. So they can create havoc when violated. One should avoid constructions, earth-digging and movements in the South and North (Grand Duke).

If your house faces South (wu mountain or 172.5- 187.5 degrees), it will be auspicious for you for the year.

If your house facing North (zi mountain or 352.5- 7.5 degrees), your house “violates” Grand Duke and needs appropriate measures and remedies (Check my “Sha Avoidance Feng Shui” Course)

Ken Lai

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