I have received numerous free trial memberships from AARP (American Association of Retired People; http://www.aarp.org) in the last two years. I must be getting OLD!

On the other hand, many people said that I look young for my age. The other day an online idiot even says that I am “very young“.

I like AARP’s benefits of discount received from travel, insurance and other service. But looking “young” hurts business in the Chinese metaphysics world. People equate age to experience.

The issue of “age vs. experience” is similar to “lineage vs. no lineage”. The young crowd uses the “white-cat-black-cat” theory (any cat that catches mice is great, regardless of age or lineage). The older crowd argues that experience is important and like wine, takes time to develop.

I am at the embarrassing age of fifty some years old— too old to claim myself a “young and talented genius” like those in Asia and too young to be a “grandmaster”.

How about master?” “Masters” are everywhere and granted daily to anyone who pays. It’s “value” is doubtful at best.

So, what are you going to do, Ken?

Just call me Ken. I can dye my hair white or pull my 87 years old father out of retirement to be my grandmaster.

Happy Year of Rat!

Ken Lai

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