Every year end, masters of various caliber enliven our lives with their “annual predictions“. They tell us obvious things like “oil price will be very high” or “bank stocks sucks!” or scare us with those “famines, floods, earthquakes, terrorist attacks and (the sky may fall down)…”.

2008 is the year of rat. They also give predictions based on the animal sign of the year— rat is dirty, so disease will spread; rat means poverty, so people will be poorer…… there is no lack of imagination (or no imagination is needed).

When someone shoot out 100’s of “predictions“, there will be some hit the mark. The “misses” will be forgotten and the “hits” will be amplified 10X next year for promotions.

Few masters will make predictions if someone or website keeps a database of the “hit” and ‘miss” of each master’s annual predictions.

Yesterday (Jan. 30) and today, there are sad reports of horses being euthanized or starved to death from local newspaper:


I quote a few paragraphs here just in case you can’t read the above link:

The ever-worsening story of foreclosures in America now counts among its victims the family dog, the pet cat and even the farmer’s horse.

Animal rescue volunteers say they’re seeing more animals abandoned or dropped off at shelters as families are forced to move from homes that they can no longer afford.

“I’m getting skinny horses in here that people have walked away from,” said Drew Fitzpatrick, director of the Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue Foundation, based in Zimmerman, Minn.


The problem has been exceedingly acute for horse owners, who were already facing high feed costs because of rising commodity prices and the recent elimination of horse slaughterhouses in America. That market — a federal ban recently closed the last three such slaughterhouses in the United States — once provided horse owners with an option that paid about $600 per horse, when there was nowhere else to turn.

Reports have cropped up of horses wandering the Florida Everglades and coal mines in Kentucky, where owners too poor to care for them have set them free to forage on their own.

A horse owner recently euthanized more than 80 horses, most of them Shetland ponies, in Grey Eagle, Minn., northwest of St. Cloud, because of rising feed costs and her own poor health.


Others are seeking help. “All of our rescue groups are overwhelmed with horses,” said Stephanie Valberg, director of University of Minnesota equine center.


In 4-Pillars, rat clashes horse (zi-wu clash). It seems real horses also get affected too when Year of Rat approaches.

While most masters have warned people with horse animal sign to be careful during the Year of Rat, almost none has warned the real horses (or at least horse owners).

Read my lips– these masters will warn the goats (rams) for 2009 (year of ox) and monkeys in 2010 (year of tiger).

Ken Lai

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