Hi Pals,

Congratulations! You have (almost) survived the Year of Pig!

The Year of Rat will start in about 2 weeks. However, we have already sensed the change of energy or qi. We can do our Feng Shui and 4P remedies now.

In terms of Feng Shui, this is the annual chart for the Year of Rat:

9 5 7
8 1 3
4 6 2

5-yellow disaster star is in the South. My garage is in the South! I have just tied a brass wind-chime to the garage door opener, so that whenever the garage door is opened, there will be pleasant metal sound to neutralize the 5-yellow energy. If 5-yellow is in your bedroom or places that have lots of movement, put a coin-salt solution fix there. Avoid movement in 5-yellow area is the best policy.

2-black sickness star is in the Northwest. Put some metal or 6 copper coins will fix it.

8-wealth star is in the east. You can put a water fountain or things that move a lot there to energize the wealth energy.

9-purple fire star is in the southeast and also good for wealth (non-regular income). You can create movement there.

In terms of 4-pillars, the followings are possible scenarios for the branches:

rat (zi):
— clashes with wu-horse
— penalizes with mao-rabbit
— harms (“hai“) you-rooster
— breaks (“po“) wei-ram

— combines with shen-monkey and/or chen-dragon
— combines with hai-pig AND chou-ox

The most serious one is zi-wu clash because both are pure and strong energies (2 of the 4 cardinal energies). It signifies bloody events or major traffic accidents.

The next worse one is zi-mao penalty. It signifies major sickness or major fall from grace. Sometimes it jinxes close relatives of the day-master.

As for the stems, wu-earth (of wu-zi rat year)
— combines with gui-water to form fire
— controls or “keren-water
— being controlled or “ke” by jia-wood

People with ren-water or jia-wood DM should be cautious, esp. jia-wood DM.

People with ren-zi or jia-zi day-pillar should pray or do more charity work this year and pay more attention to the marriage department– separation, divorce or death of spouse are possible.

I’ll have a course on how to enhance 4P fortunes and fix 4P problems like the above. But for the time being, if you run into zi-wu clash, zi-mao penalty, wu-ren clash and the like…. go donate blood (do a blood test if you can’t donate blood), do charity work or send money to me (just kidding).

Best Wishes!

Ken Lai

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