Special New Year Promotion:
“Practical Date-Selection Methods” Correspondence Course

Regular Price: US$599
(shipping US$30 outside USA, $10 inside USA)

Special New Year Price: US$499 (expires Jan. 18, 2008)

Special Bonuses

a. 2008 Feng Shui remedies and sha-avoidance for any house!
b. 2008 luck prediction with the secret annual ming gua calculation method
c. Special DVD video class (about 2 days of instruction)with materials not found in the manual (available around March 2008, easily worths $300- 600 by itself!).

If you can only afford one date-selection course, this is it! The course includes numerous methods for instantly selecting auspicious date and directions, without having to learn complicated theories. It focuses on practical applications of date selection. You can apply them immediately to improving many aspects of your life, including wealth creation, Feng Shui, travel, negotiations, arbitration, networking and even luck enhancement. When you learn the methods of tapping the dynamic time luck just right, you can be in the right place in the right time.

This course includes Xuan Kong Da Gua Date-Selection Method that you can learn in a flash and NOT 5+ days as taught by some teachers. Just the 3 YEARS XKDG calendar enclosed almost worths the price of the course. You can do or use XKDG date-selection for your client or yourself for 3 years even if you have learned nothing from this course! Not to mention the rarely taught Yiu-sha and Star Yiu-sha days and the Real San Sha day/ hour tables will save many lives and avoiding misfortune for you and your clients.

Besides the above materials, you also get the followings in this special offer:
— The way to avoid the ultimate bad luck of the year, which is very dangerous, and could even be life threatening.
— How to bring wealth by placing just a single plant in the correct location.
— Use not one, not two, not three, but ALL of the annual wealth stars to their ultimate effect.
— Avoid lawsuits.

There are also multicultural cures for annual locations in this course. You can use these methods immediately to implement the luck changes for the year.

You must order before Jan. 18, 2008 to qualify for the discount and special bonuses! We take PayPal and credit cards. Email kenlai93@yahoo.com to order.

Ken Lai

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