Here is the 4P of Robert Hawkins, killer of the Omaha Mall shooting, birth hour unknown:

Birth date: May, 18, 1987

Y: ding-mao (fire-wood)
M: yi-si (wood-fire)
D: ding-mao (fire-wood)
H: Ji-you (earth-metal, estimation)

10 Year Luck:
Gui-Mao (water-wood)
Annual luck: ding-hai (fire-water)

His chart has 2/3 probability of being a special chart. However, if that were the case, this tragedy should not have happened. He would have lived a better life with a special chart.

Ji-you hour would fit his life history and personality: strong negativity, hostile to authority, depression, Attention Deficit Syndrome.

With mao-you clash and 3 pian-yins (-resource), he could see “things” or feel spirits (also hallucinations)

Pian-yin snatches shi-shen“, according to 4P classics. Shi-shen is his output or mind (earth in this case), being attacked by pian-yin (-resource, wood). This is his source of depression.

The chart for the date and hour that shooting had occurred:

Y: DING-HAI (fire-water)
M: XIN-HAI (metal-water)
D: GUI-YOU (water-metal)
H: JI-WEI (earth-earth)

The month pillar clashes (fan-yin) with Hawkins’s month pillar and day pillar clashes (fan-yin) with his day-pillar. Plus another hai-mao-wei wood 3-unity to fuel the fire in the chart.

Above clashes is in addition to the annual luck hai-water branch clash to his si-fire month branch.

All the branches of his chart were clashed: three mao got clashed by one you-metal; si-fire got clashed by hai-water.

When all branches of a chart is clashed, it may signify death or serious accident or illness.

The shooting happened in a strong water day that clashes Hawkins’ DM ding-fire. Water is his authority/power element.

Here is a case that common logic may not work. Strong ding-fire DM born in summer (si month) supposedly needs some water to cool off. Water is his guan-sha (power/authority). His current 10-year luck is gui-water and it clashes his DM (so more clashes with law). Logic here is: When you put water in a fierce fire, it does not cool it down but makes it burn more fiercely.

May all victims RIP.

Ken Lai

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