Two days ago (Dec. 5, 2007) a 19 years old gunman had killed 8 people in an Omaha shopping mall. The following list contains the names and age of the victims:

The shoppers that the gunman Hawkins killed were
Gary Scharf, 48 **
John McDonald, 65

The employees killed were
Angie Schuster, 36 **
Maggie Webb, 24 **
Janet Jorgensen, 66 ***

Diane Trent, 53
Gary Joy, 56
Beverly Flynn, 47

According to Chinese belief, when the animal sign of the current year is identical to your birth year, you are “violating” the Grand Duke (the ruling energy or deity of the year). The names with two asterisks (**) above are people who were “violating” Grand Duke.

If your current age is a multiple of 12 (12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96), you are “violating” Grand Duke for the year.

People with snake animal sign is regarded as “clashing” the pig animal sign of the Grand Duke for current year. The name with triple asterisks above was clashing Grand Duke for this year.

If your current age is one of the following: 6, 18, 30, 42, 54, 66, 78, 90), you are “clashing” Grand Duke for the year.

“Clashing” Grand Duke is more serious than “violating”.

4 out of 8 victims were “violating’ or “clashing” Grand Duke.

In Chinese Astrology, like 4-Pillars of Destiny, we always advise people who clash or violate Grand Duke to stay put, be vigilant and avoid confrontations.

I don’t mean that someone will die if s/he violates Grand Duke for the year. It is just the probability of running into misfortune is higher during the year.

Here is a link to New York Times website showing the aerial view of that Omaha shopping mall:

Click on the picture to see a bigger image of it– what do you see?

The shape of the mall looks like a small or light machine gun used by commandos! The location of the shooting (Von Maur store) looks like the bullet magazine. The black cross-like thing in front of it looks like the trigger.

It is not unusual that the form or shape of building somehow has correlation with the events happen there. It is as if the “DNA” for incident associated with the shape is planted there.

Ken Lai

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