Wu-zi mouse year is only 2 months away. You may want to
know which directions are not suitable for construction or
‘earth-moving’ for next year, so you can do it before this
year is over.

Wu-zi year is another not-so-friendly year like bing-xu
year for some people.

Wu-earth combines with gui-water to form fire. Adding more
fire to some 4P charts may mean caner or heart related

Wu-earth muddies up ren-water. People with Ren-water
day-master may go nuts or make stupid decisions if attacked
by wu-earth.

Zi-water clashes wu-fire. People with wu day-branch may
have traffic accident or surgery or martial problems.

Zi-water and mao-wood form a serious penalty. It can jinx
yourself or your close relative.

Zi-water forms 3-unity or semi-3-unity combination with
shen-metal and/or chen-earth. If your chart likes water,
it will be great, esp. if water is your wealth element. If
otherwise, pray or take my future “destiny management”
course on how to handle this situation.

People with mao, you, and wu in their charts will need to
sweat it out when zi year arrives. Formation of
zi-wu-mao-you clash can mean major disaster. This is
called “4-cardinal clashes”. Again, pray, do charity works
and/or take my “destiny management” course.

Here are some major precautions:

1. 5-yellow star will be in the south. Sui-Po or year
breaker will also be in the south or wu-mountain.
— avoid digging or construction; avoid movements

2. Grand Duke or Tai Sui will be in zi mountain or in the
— avoid digging or construction; you can sit on GD
location but not facing it.

3. San Sha or 3-killings will be in the South (si, wu, ding
— definitely avoid movement or digging here, Sui-po and
5-yellow are also in this palace!

4. The auspicious 8-star will be in the east and 9-purple
star in the SE. You may want some movements here.

People with horse and mouse animal signs and were born in
the first, fifth and eleventh months of the lunar calendar
should avoid attending funeral for the year.

Ken Lai

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