A Feng Shui friend sent me the following email:

My sister wants to build a new house, so it will be a P8 house.

The plot faces N2 so the Flying Star chart can meet the criteria for a “7 Star Robbery”, so according to this, she should place a door/window at the South, East and NW.

According to “Castle Gate” the Qi entrance should come from NW2.

According to the San He “12 Life Stages” a NW2 Qi entrance would be either at stage 3 or 4, so it is good, but my question is if the door must be placed at NW2, but facing N2 (same bearing as the plot) or if the door should be slanted facing NW2?

My friend tries to integrate Flying Star, “7-star Robbery“, “Castle Gate” and San He’s “12 Life Stages” to the house design.

I think he is making things too complicated. Although he can mix as many schools and methods as he wants if he has my “Practical Door Feng Shui” course materials. He can also easily integrate XKDG and Flying Star in 30 seconds.

“Practical Door Feng Shui” also includes the “decoders” for the word-play puzzles like the “Qian mountain Qian water” gig. Someone considers this little word-game as lineage “top-secret” on other lists. It does not worth a penny if you know the answer.

WARNING: DO NOT use the formula listed above. There are many missing details here. Consult your teacher/ master before applying these formula.

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