The Chinese character for “exorcism” is voted as the “hardest Chinese ever” by a website.

This character has 60 strokes with 11 “components” (prefixes and suffixes). Here is a break down of these components:

sun : stands for yang
moon: stands for yin
rope: stands for relationship, tangling, connected
speech/word: stands for communication
stem: stands for weapon, conflict, fight
senior/ length: power, elder, authority
horse: action, speed
spear: stands for weapon, conflict, fight
heart: motivation, mental, belief

When rope + word + rope + heart come together, it means clinging, relationship and/or love.

When stem + spear come together, it means conflict and war.

With all these components, you can have a mental picture of yin-yang clashes involving mental images and conflict.

According to Chinese experts, there are 60,000- 80,000 individual Chinese characters. Most are rarely used in daily life. One needs to master 3000 common Chinese characters to have the literacy of a Chinese high school graduate.

Many characters used in Daoist talismans are similar to the “exorcism” word above. For example, the word that means “the death of a ghost” has the power of driving ghost away if it is written according to Daoist rituals and activation. So the “exorcism” word above is likely be usable as a talisman if properly activated by a Daoist priest.

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