“Cat murderer? You mean …”

No, it is not what you think. It is a real cat murder case.”

“How do 4P has something to do with it?”

Well, at least the cat will not die in vain. Here is a news report from a Hong Kong Chinese newspaper:


The report is in Chinese, here is the heading and summary:

“Cook got a 3-week jail sentence for sadistic killing of a kitten”

“A school cook had thrown a 10-week old kitten to the ground thrice, causing the blood-vomiting death of the cat. He was sentenced to jail for 21 days and HK$5000 fine (US$650).”

I do not want to bombard you with minor details, here are the data that we are interested if you want to find something related to 4-Pillars and date-selection.

1. The cat-murderer is 50 years old.
2. He is a cook.
3. The “murder” happened in April 14, 2007

The followings are 4P deductions from above info:

The killer is 50, so he was born in 1957
* ding-you year pillar

The killer is a cook, so he either
* has a lot of fire in his 4P,
* or fire is his favorable element
* or fire is his unfavorable element

The 4P chart of the day when the cat was killed:

Year: ding-hai
Month: jia-chen
Day: wu-yin
Hour: don’t know

The cook killed a cat in a strong tiger day!

Since the cat (yin-wood or tiger) got him into legal trouble (guan-sha or power), so we may deduce the killer is likely to be a weak earth day-master.

Weak earth likes fire, so he becomes a cook.

Wood (yin-tiger) is unfavorable to weak earth DM. Wood is the guan-sha of an earth DM. It creates health and/or legal problems to a weak DM.

“So what do you learn from this case? Grasshopper?”

“If you want to stay out of jail, do not kill a horse in horse-day, a cat in tiger-day, a rooster in rooster day, a mouse in rat-day, a dog in dog-day, an ox in ox-day, ……”

Ain’t our governments glad that there is no “human-day” or they cannot hang, shoot, electrocute, or lethal-inject their citizens in “human day”?

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