It is NOT free, but almost free when you consider the
following expenses (based on a 3-day live seminar):

A. # of days with traveling time: 4
Loss of income for 4 days: US$400- 800
B. Airline ticket: US$300- 500
C. Hotel (3- 4 nights): US$ 300- 500
D. Food: US$150- 300

Total expenses before seminar fee: US$1150 to 2100

3 days seminar tuition fee for “Practical Imperial QMDJ”: $1200

So, expenses involved to take a seminar costs as much as or even more than the seminar itself!

With Ken Lai’s Video Homestudy course, the saving in traveling expenses can be used to buy the course. So it is like getting the course for free.

Practical Imperial Qi-Men-Dun-Jia Homestudy course includes:
1. 9+ hour of video: completely menu-driven
2. extensive color cheat sheets and translator rulers
3. Four manuals (total over 400 pages)
4. over 2500 digital pages in PDF format
5. private online discussion group to ask questions
6. one month supply of “optimized QMDJ” charts in 6 major areas

With Ken’s materials, you may learn to use QMDJ in as little as an hour. Eventually you can locate a QMDJ chart and make interpretation in a minute, almost as fast as a PDA or computer.

The course is user-friendly and designed with both idiots and geniuses in mind.

COURSE PRICE: $999 (will be increased to US$1200)

However, if you order before Oct. 15, 2007, you can get it for US$699.

If you mention Ken’s Cyber Cafe when ordering, I’ll throw in a $100 “ADVANCED CASE STUDIES” CD for FREE (while supply lasts).

To see the DVD menus: com/photos/ 23051496@ N00/show/ with/1291668509/

To see course highlights: com/photos/ 10429370@ N05/sets/ 7215760099233868 6/show/

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Thanks for reading this announcement!

Ken Lai

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