My niece Sammy was given a female kitten a few weeks ago. She calls it “Mimi”.

One interesting thing about Mimi the kitten is– when it sleeps on a human bed, it sleeps with its back on the bed, that is, it sleeps like a human!

When it sleeps on the floor or on its own bed, it sleeps like a regular cat.

Another strange behavior is: it follows my brother Jimmy all the time or sits next to him if Jimmy is working on his computer.

I asked my brother, “Did you know of any ex-girl friends or female admirers of yours die prematurely?”

“No.” Answered Jimmy.

“Oh, if you had, Mimi may be the reincarnation of your deceased female admirer. But since you don’t have any, then this kitten probably was a woman that has unfinished business with you in your previous life. Since it is not her turn to be your wife in your current life and she does not want to wait, she reincarnates as a cat to be with you.”

“Ha ha ha, when do you become a story-teller?” Asked my brother.

“Make sure you do not tell your wife or she will banish your kitten. You know woman can become jealous even with a kitten.” I told Jimmy.

Well, I don’t know if Jimmy has told his wife the reincarnation story. But yesterday Jimmy told me that his wife bought home a male kitten.

“Jimmy, your wife probably is jealous of you. So she bought home a male kitten and hopefully will follow her around like yours.” I told Jimmy.

“In the worst case scenario, this male cat can distract your female cat admirer and she can regain 100% control of you.” I added.

In terms of 4-Pillars explanation, my brother Jimmy is a strong wu-earth day-master with wu-horse animal sign. Wu-earth likes to have yang-wood to loosen the hard earth. Cat is Yin (tiger) or jia wood. Wu-horse combines with yin-tiger and xu-dog. So there is an affinity built-in here.

My niece Sammy is a weak Wood day-master. Bring in a cat (jia-wood) will help her to become more focused.

So far I have not heard if the male kitten follows my brother or his wife.

In Daoist (Taoist) and Buddhist literature, stories of some deceased reincarnate into animals to get close to their current or previous life love ones are pretty common. This also explains some incredible animal stories of saving their masters or animals with unusually high IQ.

Ken Lai

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