An out-of-state client of mine was in some sort of mid-life
crisis or depression. Jane (not real name) wanted to
“disappear” from her 2 teens and husband.

She emailed me for “wisdom”.

Damn! It is hard to charge people for “wisdom”.

I told her not to make any hasty decision until I have
checked her 4-pillar chart.

But we got a major problem here: Jane was born in a
war-torn country and does not know her day-of-birth. All
she knows is her animal sign.

There are other ways of doing fortune-reading without a
birthday, like Yi-jing divination method. But 4P is more
personalized and direct method.

How do you do a 4P reading without a birthday?

Today is your lucky day– top 4P secrets for free.

I asked Jane to send me the birthdays of her children and

I read Jane’s fortune through the 4P charts of her husband
and kids.

In her husband’s chart, current year ding-hai is clashing
his day-pillar from stem to branch (ti-ke-di-chong) . Day
stem represents her husband and day branch stands for Jane.

This means either Jane or her husband or both may be or
will be in some serious trouble, sickness, injury or
accident this year.

So I told her to stay put, avoid making major decisions,
and take her hubby along to have medical check up. And of
course, go do some charity works to build up good karma.

She took my advice and tided over her current depression.
She now delivers food to the homeless every weekend.

Sometimes, all people need in critical life situations is just
a little help, a little push or simply someone to talk to.

Ken Lai
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